Breaking our House in... literally

Starting the first new Evans Scholarship House in 30 years comes with some small bumps along the way. As the Oregon Evans Scholars finally moved in to the Scholarship House for fall term, excitement filled the halls.

This was new territory not just for the New Scholars, but for all of us. Getting settled in a new place usually takes awhile, but we made this House our home in no time. The first bump came week one when our basement and first floor flooded. It was quite the first task for our then VP Administration Jon Wilhite to handle. The actual floor issue was taken care of in no time; it was the side effects of the first floor flooding that really gave us trouble; the first floor rooms all lost their toilets. This proved to be an issue that would take more time than originally planned to be fixed. Thankfully we had our chapter advisors Michael Thompson and Amira Fahoum, as well as Evans Scholars Director Bill Moses and Oregon Evans Alum John Williams working around the clock to help us fix this problem, as we needed everything to be perfect for the upcoming Open House. This problem was eventually solved, and everyone was at peace.

Many of us just returned from Chicago for our first Winter Outing, where our Executive Board attended break out meetings with their fellow officers of the same position. This was exciting because we got insight into how other Evans Scholars chapters do things that are commonplace for them, but revolutionary for us. The highlight of the trip had to be our New Scholars taking home the Ronald F. “Mac” McGuigan Academic Trophy with a GPA average of 3.6. We are so incredibly proud of our New Scholars for the hard work they put into their first term of college and into our first New Scholars program. They have all made living in the Scholarship House so much more special, because they get the true full Evans Scholars experience.

We are currently in week six of our 10-week term, studying hard for midterms as well as preparing for our first ever snow trip up to Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon. Breaking in a House takes time, but we are prepared as ever for the next challenge, which we know we will face together.