Winter Outing to Chicago

Last weekend our executive board and basketball team took our second trip to the annual Winter Outing in Chicago, where all Evans Scholars chapters across the nation attend a weekend of activities.

The weekend started off with a great opportunity for our e-board to get insight into how the program is run in the Midwest, where the Evans Scholarship has a rich history. Being that our chapter’s Scholarship House was established two years ago, hearing the way that more established chapters run was undoubtedly beneficial. In addition to hearing from other chapter presidents, our former president Jake Keady gave a great speech about what he’d learned in his time as president and gave an update on the Oregon chapter as a whole.

After a morning of meetings, our girls and boys basketball teams played in the the tournament against other Evans chapters from around the country. With significant improvement from the past year, our boys basketball team made it to the final four!

What perhaps brought some of the biggest smiles to the faces of our chapter was the Golf Ball dance at the end of the night. Our Scholars changed out of their basketball shorts into tuxedos and dresses. Golf Ball was a great way for us to meet Scholars from other chapters and bond amongst ourselves as well.

Overall, our trip to Chicago was fantastic and we’re already looking forward to Summer Outing and next year's Winter Outing. The Oregon Evans Scholars would like to thank the ESF for sending a group of us on such a great trip!