Financial Aid

The Evans Scholarship covers term-based tuition and mandatory fees for regular full-time undergraduate students. The Scholarship also covers additional nominal fees that are required for specific majors of those students.

Each year, Evans Scholars are required to apply for federal, state and university scholarships and financial aid. Evans Scholars are also strongly encouraged to apply for private scholarships that they may be eligible to receive.

When an Evans Scholar receives other gift aid they may utilize a portion of those funds (based on the source) toward educational expenses not including the Evans Scholarship. The balance is applied directly toward the tuition and fees, reducing the Evans Scholarship award. The maximum amount of other gift aid that an Evans Scholar is permitted to utilize in an academic year is $5,600; any amount above will also be applied to tuition and fees.

The other gift aid sources (university, federal, state and private) are distributed according to the following guidelines:

  • 100 percent of university aid is applied to tuition and fees
  • 100 percent of federal aid may be utilized by the Evans Scholar
  • 50 percent of state and private aid is applied to tuition and fees and the other 50 percent may be utilized by the Evans Scholar

Distribution of scholarship funds to pay tuition and fees, along with any other gift aid received for Evans Scholars is processed through the university. Specific questions regarding tuition and fees or financial aid should first be directed to the Evans Scholarship contact at your university.

All distributions are subject to the final approval of the Scholarship Committee.